Ms. Sarah Childs

Professor of Politics and Gender at the University of Edinburgh and author of the CPA Gender Sensitising Guidelines
University of Edinburgh
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Sarah Childs joined the University of Edinburgh, Scotland in May 2022. With a background in political science and women’s studies, her research centres on the theory and practice of women’s representation, gender and political parties, parliaments, and institutional change. She has published four research books (New Labour’s Women MPs 2004, Women and British Party Politics, 2008, and Sex Gender and the Conservative Party, 2012 with Paul Webb), with the most recent, Feminist Democratic Representation published by Oxford University Press in 2020 (with Karen Celis). She won the 2022 UK Political Studies Association best book in political science. Childs is also the author of The Good Parliament Report (TGP 2016), which followed a secondment to the House of Commons, and which identified a series of reforms to make the House diversity sensitive. As a formal adviser to the former Speaker, Childs was actively involved in the introduction of proxy voting for babyleave in 2018-20; some 18 of her 43 recommendations have been implemented in part or in full. Following a 2020/1 Leverhulme Fellowship, Childs is finalizing her new book, based on her time in the House, with the working title: Designing and Building Feminist Institutions which will be published in 2023.

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Wednesday 24 August, 2022

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