Small Branches Conference - Workshop B - Building Sustainable Economies in Small Branches (Talkshow)

9:00 AM, Monday 22 Aug 2022 (4 hours)

Although many small Commonwealth jurisdictions, including Small Branches, differ in population size, geography and development progress, they share many challenges and vulnerabilities. This includes high exposure to natural disasters, climate change and global economic shocks, as well as more limited domestic revenues and opportunities for borrowing. Their vulnerabilities are also compounded by low economic diversification, often characterised by high dependence on tourism and remittances. These factors seriously hinder their economic growth prospects and ability to invest in sustainable development.  

Small jurisdictions have long found solutions to many of their challenges and pursued unconventional development strategies often with great success, harnessing innovation, ocean resources and local community knowledge, among others. However, in an increasingly volatile world, under what conditions can small jurisdictions navigate these challenges, future-proof their economies, promote sustainable development and increase resilience?

Parliaments and Parliamentarians are well placed to use their legislative, oversight and representative functions to bettering governance through more effective, democratic and accountable institutions. This will help ensure that the right policy decisions are being taken by government and resources are being allocated for the mutual benefit of the national economy and the needs of individuals and communities.  

Sustainable development and environmental governance have been embedded as key thematic priorities for the CPA Small Branches network, as contained in its Strategic Plan 2021 – 2023. In February 2020, the network delivered a Sustainable Economic Development workshop in Malta, which sensitised Parliamentarians to the importance of sustainable development across key themes including ocean governance, food security and social inclusion.

To browse the workshop reading list, read the draft recommendation and submit a feedback form, visit: 

Small Branches Conference - Workshop B - Building Sustainable Economies in Small Branches (Talkshow)

Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories
Acting Speaker
Parliament of Malta
Speaker of the House of Representatives
Parliament of the Cayman Islands
Deputy Speaker
Institute of Island Studies
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