Small Branches Conference - Workshop D - Wellbeing Indicators for Small Branches (Talkshow)

9:00 AM, Monday 22 Aug 2022 (4 hours)

Many Commonwealth jurisdictions have focused heavily on the macro-economic data and statistics, such as GDP, of their respective countries. Although these are necessary as an effective measure of value added through the production of goods/services and income earned, this is inadequate in ensuring overall societal progress. In order to understand and subsequently further societal development, it is important that a more comprehensive statistical measure of wellbeing should be established; one that considers the wellbeing of individuals, households and groups in societies.  

In order to measure all factors of national growth, a country’s economic, social and environmental sustainability must first be assessed in order to identify what are areas need more work. Historically, smaller jurisdictions can be affected deeper when there is an external disaster (i.e., COVID that saw an interruption to their tourism and movement), but small economies are arguably more adept in combatting these through a greater policy flexibility aided by a closer proximity between policy-makers and constituents. The strengths and weaknesses of such jurisdictions should be considered when determining what areas of economic, social and environmental development need to be prioritised,  what indicators could be implemented in order to assess their development and how this can be done i.e. through policy interventions.

There exists research in outlining current wellbeing indicators, establishing resources for future wellbeing and developing better metrics for measuring wellbeing, as summarised in the OECD Well-being Framework and the UNSDSN’s Happiness and Well-being Research. This session will look at what areas of well-being typically require more attention in smaller jurisdictions, what well-being indicators can be used to measure development and progress of these areas, and how various initiatives, policy guidelines and other frameworks can be included in the legislative process in order to champion wellbeing in these jurisdictions.

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Small Branches Conference - Workshop D - Wellbeing Indicators for Small Branches (Talkshow)   

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